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About me!

Welcome to my world of eyelashes!

7_kapcsolat_lashgabrielThe name – Lashgabriel – comes from my family name which is Gabriel. I was a professional dancer for 15 years. I did my own make up and used to put on those old-styled, artificial looking eyelashes myself. Even back then i was already thinking a lot about how lovely it would be te wear eyelashes twenty – four seven, but individual eyelashe extension wasn’t invented yet.

I started my career in the beauty industry as a nail technician in 2000. I enjoyed great success in that area because i’m a perfectionist and i always do my very best to have satisfied, beautiful, happy clients.

In 2007 a wonderful thing happened.I found an ad on the internet about individual eyelash extensions that had been absolutely unknown for me.Immediately i got carried away with it and realized that it was the thing i had been dreaming of for many years. “This is what i really want to do! This is ME!” i thought.

Very determined and excited with passion to learn i took a course in Budapest then i started my career as an eyelash stylist.

In my hometown – Békéscsaba – it was something unusual and brand new but soon more and more women realized that it’s a magnificient way to look more beautiful and still have a natural look. I worked very hard to improve my skill and over the years i have become one of the best eyelish stylist in Hungary.

In 2012 the second professional lashstyle competition took place in Budapest and i came 5. The following years were very busy with lots of work and events like a beauty lecture where i was a presenter talking about my experiencies and the way i was doing my job.

Soon afterwards i started training others and established my own training system under the name LashGabriel. There are Foundation, Advanced and Volume courses.

Foundation courses are for begginers where you will receive 100% attantion and the best type of training.

Advanced courses are for students who are highly motivated to be the best they can be.

Volume courses are for professionals where they are taught how to do the multi pick-up technique.

I am a kind person but a perfectionist which means i demand perfection here to be able to have clients leaving my studio with lashes that a celebrity would expect. I am absolutely committed to my students’ success as much as my own.

If you have any question about eyelash extension,courses or any of our products in our webshop, feel free to email us and our team will happily answer you  as soon as possible.