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Privacy Policy

I Privacy Policy

1. respecting the moral rights of the users.

2. Personal data we mean the data, based on which we can identify our users, such as first name, last name and e-mail address. Suitable for physical attainment of users (eg. Address) is collected only in the cases and the user’s prior consent under the present terms of use.

3. only record personal data that a user voluntarily provides for the registration, or other services provided by the service provider when using. Your personal information will only be used for purposes related to the provision of services  to a third party – in addition to the cases specified by law, and the user’s explicit and voluntary contributions in this regard than those – it won’t be forwarded. If any user is prompted to delete their personal information from our system (of course, in some cases undertaking that henceforth or incomplete way you can use the service),it will be immediately done. Please make this claim or any issue related to the management of personal data and comments by e-mail to let us know address.

4. Our servers automatically register users and in some cases  browsers’  IP address, type of browser and operating system they use software and some other information. This information is used only in processed form, for statistical purposes and to correct any errors, improve our services. The data is not combined with other data provided by the users in any form.

5. tailored service provider to the user’s computer a small data packet, so-called. cookie on it. The cookies only serve to facilitate the identification of the users, we do not take them for any other purposes. The cookie on your own computer user can delete or set your browser to disable the use of cookies.

6 channels of public communication which is part of the services (forums) used by the users own risk. The copyright vested in various posts for that user at the same time the provider has the right to summon them without limit, and they are reproduced. They can be printed only for personal use by the third party comments, downloaded or distributed, and they can be used exclusively written consent of the provider. We encourage our users that messages appear on the public channels of communication, public communications to be governed by different laws apply (II. Act 1986, Act IV. 1978). Allowing individual access to data communication services to the users requiring the greatest caution is treated as strictly confidential, unauthorized parties are not able to access them – except for cases prescribed by law – will not be passed to third parties. The Forum of services is prohibited in activities for which money or other consideration is requested and accepted, or in which any of the service provider business partner or unrelated supplier of product or service promoted, offered or refer to them.

7. External servers support independent measurement and auditing (Google Analytics) in website traffic and analytics data. The management of the measurement data of the controller can provide detailed information.

Availability: http: // data management activities announced, led by the Data Protection Commissioner protection register. The announcement ID number: 90988-Naihan!
The data management issues:
(Robert Nagy e.v.LashGabriel)
Headquarters: 5600, Andrássy út 51. fsz. 17.
Central-location: 5600, Andrássy út 51. fsz. 17.
Owner: Robert Nagy-LashGabriel
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II. Remedies
The information concerned may request personal information management, personal information and may request the correction or – except for data processing ordered by law – as indicated in the deletion of the data when recording or through customer service.

The request of the great Robert EV as a controller provides information that it processes, including those processed by a contracted processing data, data management purpose, grounds and duration of the data processing name, address (registered office) and activities related to data management, as well as on who and for what purpose the data were received. The data controller in the shortest time from the filing of the application, but not later than within 30 days in writing and in a comprehensible form to enter the information. This information is free if the person requesting information an application for the same area of the data controller has not yet been submitted in the current year. In other cases, Róbert Nagy e.v. It establishes a fee.

Robert Nagy e.v. It deletes personal data if the treatment is illegal in the relevant calls for the purpose of processing has ceased or the data storage time limit prescribed by law has expired, he ordered the court or the Privacy Commissioner.

Robert Nagy e.v. the correction or deletion of the person concerned and inform all those who have been transferred for processing the data. The notification ignored if it is the purpose of the data processing having regard to the legitimate interest of the data subject are not prejudiced.

Protest against the handling of the personal data concerned if
a) the processing of personal data (transmission) only required the controller or the data recipient a right or legitimate interest pursued unless the data processing ordered by law;
b) the use of personal data or transmission of direct marketing, public opinion research or scientific research;
c) exercise of the right of protest otherwise permitted by law.
Robert Nagy e.v. – Data handling simultaneous suspension – as soon as possible after the filing of objections to the application, but not later than 15 days examine its findings and inform the applicant in writing. If the objection is justified, the data controller to data management – including further data recording and data transfer – and the data is locked, and the protest or the findings made on the basis of measures to inform all those to whom he has forwarded before personal information involved in the protest and who obliged to take action to enforce the right to object.

If the data controller involved in the decisions taken do not agree with the counter – you can go to court – within 30 days of its notification. Robert Nagy e.v. You can not delete the data in question, if the data processing ordered by law. The data, however, the data can not be transmitted to the recipient, if the data controller agrees with the objection or the court of the protest justified.

In case of violation of the rights of data subjects against the controller to go to court. The court shall give priority to the case.

Robert Nagy e.v. the unlawful handling of the data subject or of violating the requirements of technical data protection reimburse damage caused to others. The controller is exempted from liability if the damage was outside the scope of data management triggered by falling unavoidable reason.

It does not reimburse the damage in so far as the victim of intentional or grossly negligent conduct came.
Remedies, lodge a complaint to the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information office of the Authority can be made:
Name: National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information
Headquarters: 1125 Budapest,Szilagyi Erzsebet fasor 22 / C.