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Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

  1. Terms of Service Concepts

1.1 Information and Service

Robert Nagy e.v.

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Contract Language: Hungary



1.2 The Buyer

Anyone who uses the Service Catalog, namely through the web interface of Webshop goods or services ordered,is the buyer.

1.3 The Vendor

Commissioned by the Service Package delivery company.

  1. Shop Terms purpose

The GTC Service issued this order to regulate conditions in relation to the Store Service and its use of the Customer Service and the rights, obligations and other relevant circumstances related to the Store Service detail.

The GCC includes the general conditions for an agreement between the Service and the entering into a contractual relationship with customer relations. Hungarian laws in force provisions on issues not covered in the Service Catalog activities and regulatory requirements, as well as contained in the Civil Code apply without any specific stipulation.

2.1 The publication of GTC

The adoption by the Terms and Conditions Customer Service Shop recourse prerequisite. The Terms constitutes acceptance if the customer uses the service, that is, goods or services ordered, you are buying.

2.2 Scope of the Terms and Conditions

The Service Provider reserves the right to change the GTC whole or in part at any time. The GCC and its current amendment shall enter into force on the date of publication. The GTC will remain in force until the Store Service Provider provides.

  1. Conclusion of contract Online Shop and Change

3.1. Sign Up

Under the My Account menu can be found on all sides of the sheet in there by filling in the registration can take place. Supplier of wrongly traced by the Buyer and / or incorrectly entered data, delivery delays and other problems, is not responsible for errors of any kind. The Supplier shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the fact that the customer forgets the password, or intruders of any reason not attributable to the Service Provider becomes available.

3.2 General Features

The surface of the Treaty in the Internet Service Provider ordering and is established by GTC. The contract to be concluded in writing is considered occupied, which was filed by the service provider, and store database, which is available on the Previous Agreements in purchasing. Hungarian language of the Treaty.

A condition of the purchase Webshop shipping and billing information, as well as entering contacts. The orders are created when the customer approves the final form of the Order. The Service Provider reserves the right to receipt of orders where the customer’s data in question are genuine or not understandable, clear and the orders are dispatched to qualify these data as invalid data.

The Webshop prescription drugs can not be bought.

Changing, and deleting

3.3 Purchase Order

After placing an order electronically the order can not be canceled. The offer withdrawal of the Customer Contact the Store menu item specified e-mail address or phone number you can call it. Possible before the revocation of the order only for the transfer of the courier service.

3.4 Terms of Payment

The customer value of the courier service or the goods and services purchased in the reception of the goods in cash or personal delivery points in cash. The courier service will acknowledge receipt of cash. The Service does not accept partial performance, the courier may not accept partial performance. The Customer also can take all the items of the order or refuse to accept the full order. Webshop is possible to pay by credit card or bank account may be offset by the purchase price reference for us in advance. The purchase price shall be paid in HUF in all cases, the prices are indicated in euros for information.

Prices of the right products can be ordered from the website to change the Service maintains that the amendment will enter into force at the same time look to the Website. The amendment to the purchase price of the products ordered are not affected. If the Service despite all the care taken by the wrong price in the Online Shop surface, particularly with regard to the manifest error, for example. the product is well-known, accepted or estimated price of significantly different, maybe because of a system failure price of HUF “0” or “1” in HUF, the Service Provider have no obligation to deliver erroneous price, but can offer good prices for transport, Knowing that will help customers maintain or withdraw from purchase intention.

3.5 Delivery

A courier service cash on delivery

Buyer pays the amount of the transferor courier, which together contain the product (s) and the value of the delivery service. The delivery fee is calculated during the order depending on the weight and value of the order. The delivery fee before completing a purchase on the Web store displays to the customers.

The bill and the warranty card included in the package. Please please examine the package upon delivery before the courier and request the inclusion of the Protocol may be the case of products észlelelt damage and do not take the package. Subsequent, without complaint Protocol are not accepted!

3.6 Failed delivery

General delivery deadline of the courier service two times to seek the transfer of the goods ordered. Then the order invalid and deletes the Service.

  1. The rights and obligations of the Customer

The Buyer has received the package after 14 business days of the ordered product has the right to fully return to the Service Provider. The 17/1999. Regulation (II. 5.) on. The cost of the return shall be borne by the Buyer pursuant to a distance contract. In order to avoid disputes in the package containing the returned goods Resolution of the Service to take a photo. The Service is required to the value of the goods from the receipt of the packet returned to the customer within 30 days.

  1. Privacy and data security

5.1 Privacy Policy

Internet sites can be visited without entering any data in the Online Shop. However, there are services (online shopping), which are entering fully benefit visitors needed some privacy. During data collection needed for ordering the Service records the following data, customers:

The Buyer is required to identify the data: name, shipping address, electronic mail address, contact phone number.

Alternatively, you can specify information: Special Requirements, billing company names.

The Service is assigned, it stores the data supplied by the customer in order to fulfill the terms of the Treaty and further proof of the Treaty only. The Service, the Customer will not give out information to third parties unless the Agreement upon fulfillment of the third party is acting as a subcontractor of the Service Provider / as a contributor. The Service when handling customer data LXIII of 1992 on the protection of the public interest and the disclosure of data of personal data. Act at all times act in accordance with the provisions in force.

For the orders delivered the following information to the Provider shall provide the courier and the courier service representative shall: customer name, complete delivery address, the other to be provided (possible acceptance dates), together with the amount of orders with delivery (for cash on delivery order), the customer’s phone number and other Contact.

The courier service or Agent treat these data as strictly confidential.

5.2 Changing Personal Information

The personal data of the Customer can change at any time under the My Account menu. The Buyer, request the deletion of data from the Contact Us page specified e-mail address or phone.

  1. Other

6.1 Security

Shop the appropriate level of security, it is not a risk, but we recommend that you take the following precautions: Use antivirus and spyware protection software to a fresh database, install the operating system security updates.

Shopping on the Website constitutes acceptance of errors associated with Internet technology and technical limitations of knowledge and technology together for the customer.

6.2 Liability Exclusion

It is not responsible for any damages that occurred due to the connection to the Website. The purchaser shall computers and the obligation to protect the data stored.

Descriptions and images appearing on the site for information purposes only. The Service Provider shall make every effort to ensure that the data is accurate at the latest. The potential for errors assumes no responsibility for the Service.

6.3 Copyrights

The, anyone can post a link to the main page of its own platform without specific permission. Contain internal sites path links placed in the cases where they are the complete page, and not just a single component (eg. Images), and the content of the page are not affected in any way, they do not include additional parameters. Tilos link so arranged as to display as part of the, page to another page.

6.4 Disputes

The Contracting Parties shall do everything possible to ensure that any settlement of their disputes through negotiations. If it is not possible through negotiations to resolve the dispute, Provider Contracting Parties to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the seat of subject themselves.

6.5 For product-related pictures and videos

Our staff will attempt to reflect the true image, video description and placed in the site. For some types occur that the image shown on video or real product are different, we can not assume any liability.

Considering the above, please all our clients to kindly image as shown in the illustration, video and negotiate the price of the ordered product data, esetlgesen to get in touch with our staff.