[singlepic id=137 w=117 h=336 float=left] My name is Nagy Gabriel Eva.I have been working in the beauty industry for 15 years.
While i was working as a nail technician there was one thing that was above all.
Now i am a profesional eyelish extension stylist and it’s still one of the most important thing in this business.
What can make clients worry before,during and after the eyelash extensions application?
What is that vital step that makes the whole process safe?
How can the application be done fast,efficiently and safely in a cosy enviroment?
What problems can there be later after the application?
What can be that problem that clients can face every day?
These questions have made me try to find a solution to solve that problem.I meet many other stylists who more or less ignore a very important step during work which cause them difficulties and problems.This makes me even more determined to carry on with my searching.
To be continued….

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