Before the applicotion:
-There mustn’t be any make up on your face
-You shouldn’t apply any mascara on your eyelashes 24 hours before the application,but before
that its recomended to apply lasting mascara so after the application your eyelashes are
going to look more beautiful.
After the application:
-You mustn’t wash your eyelashes for 24 hours.It mustn’t assort with water otherwise it is
not going to dry properly
-Don’t go either to a solarium or a sauna for 24 hours because hot water and steam don’t
do any good to your freshly applied eyelash extensions.
-For 24 hours make sure your bathroom door is open when you are in there so the steam can go
away without harming your eyelash extensions
-For 24 hours don’t apply any face cream around your eyes.
-For 24 hours don’t apply any make up on your eyelids or around your eyes.
-For 24 hours don’t touch or comb your eyelash extensions
-and finally DON’T CRY!:)
24 hours later:
-A profesionally applicated eyelash extension is not uncomfortable.It’s light like the air.
It doesn’t make your eyelids feel any heavier.
-The most important rules to follow:
-Do not rub,pull or curl,especially not with dirty hands.
-But your eyelash extension can be combed with a special comb that your stylist should give
you.It’s vrey important to keep your comb clean so don’t keep it at the bottom of your bag
or in your purse otherwise it is going to get dirty and contaminate your eyes.
-You should clean your eyelash extension with the applicator-that your stylist gives you-using
eyelash extension make up remover.
-Use only oil-free make up remover
-You must not use water resist mascara.